Hydroelectric energy is a historical energy source and a driving force in the development of many countries. It is also the first form of renewable energy in which Sorgent.e invested. Since the late 1990s, Sorgent.e has purchased important participations in hydroelectric project companies, thus investing its own equity in the construction of many power stations.

Given the unique characteristics of this sector, Sorgent.e also acts as promoter for investments that satisfy the following basic requirements:

  • High environmental value: generating stations must not disturb the environment in an irreversible way; locations must not therefore be substantially modified (e.g. by the construction of huge dams and reservoirs) and river habitats must be left as far as possible unspoiled. Sorgent.e therefore focuses mainly on small-hydro developments and on turbines incorporating fish-friendly technology.

  • Social value and sustainable development: generating stations must not compromise the existing social and economic fabric (e.g. by forcing the evacuation of populations); on the contrary, they must produce economic and social returns for the communities involved (populations and local authorities) as well as promoting ecologically sustainable development.

At the present time, Sorgent.e holds a portfolio of participations in over fifty hydroelectric project companies. Around twenty of these projects are already operational and producing a consolidated output normally in excess of 400 MW.