Services for the development of renewable energies ...

This is what constitutes the heart of our activities, that is to say the research for new construction sites together with the improvement of already existing plants through the excellent technical skills of our human resources and the use of innovative technologies.

Following international standards, we can be considered as highly skilled players in the managing, maintenance, upgrading and exercise of wind farms, hydroelectric, PV and biomass plants helping companies willing to get a leading partner of primary level.

Sorgent.e Management: it’s a company belonging to Sorgent.e group offering its own management, control and development services to companies operating in the field of electric power production by renewable energies and it thus represents one of the leading national and international companies in this field.

Sorgent.e Management: designs, executes, manages and develops power plants, maximizing their value at an economical level by participating as a skilled player in the sustainable development within the energy sector.

Sorgent.e Management: Performs activities of electric power production exclusively by renewable sources, using its highly qualified technical skills.