• WIND


Wind is an excellent source of clean energy, and has driven traditional windmills for centuries.

Wind farms are characterised by low environmental impact and low decommissioning costs.

The world is rapidly becoming aware that wind “is one of the most promising sources of renewable energy” and that it can provide a real alternative to fossil fuels.

The wind sector is the driving force behind the renewable energy industry, and in 2010 installed more capacity than any other green energy technology.

We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels in order to ensure the wellbeing of mankind and the survival of all living creatures. Wind energy can help us do so. “Wind farms produce over 5 billion kWh of clean electricity a year, replacing over 10 million barrels of oil and avoiding the emission of over 3 million tons of carbon dioxide”. In other words, “more wind energy means less smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gases”.

Sorgent.e’s approach to wind energy

Through project companies and with specialist partners, Sorgent.e has been investing in wind power as a means of generating renewable energy for many years.

Sorgent.e is particularly demanding in its choice of projects and only invests in initiatives where good wind levels can been guaranteed by many years of accurate measurement using sophisticated anemometric systems.

Special attention is also reserved for the impact of wind farms on the local landscape and on the natural habitats in which they are to be installed. Investments are targeted at projects that do not damage the ecosystem or cultural and tourist heritages.

All wind farm developments have to operate in synergy with local people as well as local authorities, and have to produce social and economic benefits and opportunities for further development in the local area.

Sorgent.e applies this investment policy to all its wind farm activities. Working as EPC Contractor or as Promoter and Investor through various project companies, Sorgent.e is currently investing in the construction and development of a portfolio of wind farms that will generate around 500 MW.