Development and environmental engineering …

Some of our services:

  • Regional studies to evaluate the potential of renewable energy sources
  • Pinpointing of ideal locations for the construction of renewable energy plant
  • Natural resource measurement campaigns
  • Evaluation of technical and economic feasibility
  • Engineering and evaluation of environmental integration
  • Certification of data and proposed solutions
  • Identification and procurement of site operating rights
  • Management of the licensing process

These are just some of the activities involved in the identification of natural energy sites and in the subsequent technical and administrative planning that allows Sorgent.e Management’s clients to invest with confidence in renewable energy production.

Experience gained from hundreds of interventions, plus recognition by leading operators and banks enable Sorgent.e Management to optimise resources and reduce costs and risks as an essential first step towards plant development.

Sorgent.e Management is your ideal partner in identifying the best possible technical and environmental solutions, and in certifying the data and results that will provide the input to subsequent technical and administrative stages. Sorgent.e Management is a reliable and totally professional partner.

Our activities are all supported by highly developed IT systems and advanced technology. Sorgent.e Management is also involved in research into new technology for renewable energy production, and is at the cutting edge of current industrial technology.