As the CEO of Sorgent.e, I am proud of and impressed with the progress our company and people, partners and clients, have made since its formation in 1995. I have every confidence in the future, and feel enthusiastic about the vital role our group is playing in projects and developments for the generation of clean energy in harmony with our environment.

Working in completely different political, social, economic and geographic contexts, Sorgent.e has become one the most innovative and successful names in clean energy plant and services.

Sorgent.e is well aware of the complexities and difficulties presented by many western markets and is therefore eager to seize the opportunities offered by other high growth rate countries. Markets like Central and South America, Africa and Asia, once considered of secondary importance, are rapidly producing new scenarios and players. Sorgent.e is determined not to lose out, and to play its part in full, free from barriers and prejudices, but with the necessary awareness of our own limitations and areas requiring improvement, growth and development.

For us, close cooperation with clients and partners is both a strength and an objective. This is confirmed by past results and by the constant declarations of gratitude and satisfaction we receive. We were the first company in the world to use bulb turbines with permanent magnet generators (the Paullo hydroelectric generating station in Italy) for example. Also, along with one of our Chilean clients, we now appear in "Infrastructure100", the internationally recognised classification table of the world’s top 100 infrastructures, drawn up by leading experts and KPMG.

These excellent results have been achieved by a young, highly motivated team that is sensitive to people’s needs, dedicated to self sacrifice and responsibility, and constantly on the lookout for innovative but safe solutions. Our team knows that our own company can only develop in harmony with the socio-economic environments in which it operates, with the populations and peoples it meets, and with the resources and beauties of a world we have the good fortune to inhabit and the responsibility to preserve.

The companies in our group, each with its own autonomy and characteristics, offer the chance to participate in a unique experience on all continents:

“Building a future in which development is synonymous with environment, a world where people can live, and where resources are handed down unspoiled to future generations...”

For hundreds of people working around the world on hundreds of different projects on behalf of many clients and partners, for dozens of generating plants producing hundreds of MW of renewable energy, under development of already operating, our winning experience, reliable know-how and solid asset base are essential references.

To develop demand for renewable energy from new, high-tech plant, to improve the capacities of existing plant and to create new international opportunities on a daily basis, with environmental protection, sustainable development and human wellbeing in mind...

This is our objective and mission.


Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo
CEO of Sorgent.e Holding spa.

Born in 1964 in the Italian province of Venice, Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo graduated in electrotechnics and began his career in a multinational power station construction company in France. As Operations Manager, he was responsible for various foreign subsidiaries. He founded S.T.E. Srl in 1995 along with a number of ex-colleagues and entrepreneurs from Padua. He took control of the group from the start, assuming the roles of Administrator and Advisor and, with the help of close collaborators, coordinated its development and assets. In addition to operational roles in the various companies of the group, he is also Managing Director of Sorgent.e Holding SpA. An expert in renewable energy, as Board Director he has also participated in numerous international industry associations and international project development companies, and has actively contributed to the drafting of renewable energy legislation in a number of countries.