Water ...

Water has always been an indispensable resource for mankind. Nowadays it is also an important source of electricity.

Fifteen years of experience enable Sorgent.e Management to offer anybody planning on entering this field the support of a recognised specialist.

Sorgent.e Management’s offer includes:

  • Identification of sites and analysis of local or regional potential
  • Environmental analyses and evaluations (environmental impact studies, environmental impact evaluations, strategic environmental evaluations, etc.), plus all the administrative activities needed to obtain operating licences
  • Design to all levels of detail
  • Investment planning and legal and financial consulting for project finance
  • Selection and contracting of plant suppliers and construction companies
  • Project management and executive supervision of construction work
  • Production management and plant maintenance
  • The sale of energy and green certificates, CDM, JI, RECS, Emission Credits, etc.
  • Risk management
  • Contract management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Environmental compatibility and quality, safety and environment system management

A wealth of experience in dealing with cutting edge technologies allows us to exploit even marginal opportunities that have previously been neglected, and construct plant that operate in total harmony with the local environment and local people.

A river running through your land, or near your home, could easily be used for hydroelectric generation. Sorgent.e Management is at your complete disposal to develop hydroelectric initiatives.