Energy Development
in a Human
Sustainable World

"Building a future in which development is synonymous with environment, a world where people can live, and where resources are handed down unspoiled to future generations..."

Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo, CEO


Become our partner

We believe the value represented by the relations of partnership and collaboration with engineering studies, government agencies, financial institutions, local communities, suppliers, investors, shareholders and entrepreneurs.

For this, we are always looking for opportunities and partners for the development and implementation of projects for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Join our team

We are always looking for new employees who contribute to making Sorgent.e a leader in the production of energy from renewable sources.

We want to work with:

  • people with responsibility and high skills;
  • practical people, direct people, and flexible;
  • people motivated and open to international challenges;
  • people with a strong desire and commitment to continuing education.