Sorgent.e displays its capabilities in Hydrovision International 2014

The combination of Power Producer-Contractor-Turbine Manufacturer, that is: Sorgent.e STE Energy MJ2 technologies, is very rare in the hydro industry and presents Sorgent.e as a unique player.

This is what the attendants at Hydrovision International 2014 in Nashville, USA, experienced with the presence of the Italian group at the trade show and its active role in the Panel Sessions, Technical Papers and Posters.

Daniele Boscolo, CEO of Sorgent.e Holding, spoke on a panel titled “The Challenge of Balancing Risks and Rewards in the Finance World”. Boscolo challenged the regular thinking on financing by describing the experience of its group with IFC (International Finance Corporation) in Chile. Lircay, a project with a non-standard structure for lenders (no EPC contractor, no long-term PPA, etc.), was able to set up a loan with IFC (International Finance Corporation) thanks to the work with local communities, the flow control in the irrigations canal that feed the plant and the accurate forecast of the future spot price tendency. Sorgent.e’s approach to development and power production was further presented by Lucas de Haro, Director of Sorgent.e Hydro Canada, with a poster on a comparative analysis partnering with local communities and aboriginal groups in different countries of the Americas.

Marc Leclerc and Brian Robin, respectively, President and North American Manager of MJ2 Technologies, took part in two different technical discussions. In the first discussion, focused on hydropower developments on existing water systems, Leclerc exposed the efficient solutions that the VLH turbine of MJ2 offers to the transition towards renewable energy that Japan has recently started.

On the other hand, Robin talked about the unique friendliness® features of the VLH turbine in a session on fish protection. STE Energy, by means of his President, Mario Arquilla, and Fabio Pasut, exposed its cutting-edge expertise and capabilities with two technical papers, one on transient stability of small hydro generators and the other on an iterative methodology to forecast the generation profile of existing hydro power plants.

The first one: “New Grid Codes for Distributed Generation: Impact on the Transient Stability of Small Hydro Generators” received the award for best technical paper.

These panels, papers and posters led to a week of conversations with international players from all continents. The armchairs of Sorgent.e’s booth hosted discussions on future developments, technical and academic alliances, strategic partnerships, etc. From Asia to South America, nobody ignores the renovated potential for more hydropower all over the world.

In this context, Sorgent.e Holding has consolidated a global position, with mature expertise and differential approaches to finance, management and technical solutions, that offers the reliability and innovation required to enter the new era of hydropower.